Monday, September 9, 2013

Software Product Development Expect, Exalted & Coherent Inception!

Software applications are the great mechanism to cut the cost and resources efficiently. When it comes to the Software product development, it is essential that, it should start properly and deliver products must idealistic and compatible that suit to the business needs. There are many software companies in the market, and offering real time and cutting edge solutions at very effective cost. The main concern about the development is, product should meet the user requirements and the process that he requires to implement and integrate with their existing system.

In small business firms, it is not sure; people will get the right solution, because they do not have the right kind of partnership and team to support them. So I would like to recommend to those users, who are really looking for a great and ideal solution, try to acquire mid-level companies because they can only deliver the right solution as per your desired structure. Actually I am not recommending for big firms, because they charge highly for a single product and I think it would not be affordable for the mango man. Try to trace the information as you can because before the deal. If you completed a deal with a company, please make sure they are starting your development as the standard way.

Here I have some suggestion to convey service providers, please develop product by using the following guidelines that can really help to deliver the great product and services to the ultimate consumers.

Inception Phase

Envision- This is the first phase where everything and possible cases should be imagined
Speculate- All process and flow can determines before the inception of the development
Adapt- What would be the compatible solution for the existing system
Explore- Investigate all sections and try to implement at the right way
Close-Turn off the inception phase after the completion of all above process

Get Offshore Involved

Live Shared Documents- Documents should be shared with the customers at real time because it is only the way that can engage customer with you without any interference.

Daily calls- Proper communication at daily basis makes user more interactive. Try to make a single call at daily basis and show the work description of the day and ask for some recommendations and queries.

Video Conferences- It is also a good way to understand the customer requirement and to show the undergoing task live.


1) Preparation – Prepare all the documents and requirement of the customers.

2) Expectations- Customer always expects right solution from you, so try to ask all required and possible queries.

3) Shared Vision – try to give suggestions and also ask for recommendation because the shared information can takes place in target solution.

4) User centered design – Always ask for designs, to show them all designs that you have, once customer will chooses then you should start the process.

5) Scope estimation and planning- How much efforts it requires and how many hours it will take all things should be pre-determined.

6)Transition to development – Now the prerequisite has finished and now service provider can start the process of product development.

If above mentioned suggestions are beneficial for you please share your feedback to us. We will really appreciate your comments.


  1. Really Intuitive information, specially for software vendors to follow the guidelines as you stated above. Thanks for sharing a rare fixings.