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SEO Tips for 2015 and Beyond !

Year over year the SEO industry is changing rapidly. In year 2009 when I was just joining to this industry at that time most of the people had not aware, and they didn’t give the importance. But they did not know how the tremendous changes can make SEO alive. In the current scenario, SEO is the need of business, because mostly consumers search products and services over the internet. 

Those days have gone away when search engines had given better results on the basis of maximum backlinks. Now the time has been change and it remains only to optimize real time user experience. The year 2014 is coming soon and it would be based on the consumer’s experience. To create positive impression and exposure, need to optimize the following things which have been listed below

Compelling website-To create more engagement, needs to develop attractive and eye catching web application. Attractive website directly creates a positive impression on visitors mind. This strategy can also help in search engines ranking so it could be helpful in conversions.

Optimizing Content for Users-Proper and institutive information on website or blog can really influence the user experience. Don’t put efforts just for promotional purpose, but needs to create content as the per user demands and as they require. Unique content on the website, can create the reputation and helpful to achieve better results.

Authorship-It is all about the writer, leverage the authority of writers. Social platforms are the best way to create positive reputation. If the reputation of the writer is transparent then it will make better results. Proper and correct information about authors can create more exposure to the business.

Freshness of content-Fresh and quality content over online platforms helps to get better ranking for the website. Maintain the flow of new content over the website and blogs to create positive impression online. Search engine always looks on unique content that has never been circulated in other places.

Regular Blogging-Blog posting is a best and great mechanism for conversions now days. Most of the peoples are searching information over the blog, and try to give the feedback. If the blogging is happening with the website regularly, 92% chances increase for the conversion. It also impact on the visitors that how active you are.

Build Social Relationship-As in general life we create lots of relationship around us, in the same way we need to build a good and solid relationship with existing friend list, whether it is in community website or blog followers. 80% marketer’s credit social media as their preferred mechanism to finding the right content to share followed by email newsletter subscription. 

Steps to Avoid
Keyword Stuffing -Mostly webmasters are using this mechanism to get quick and better results, but now days it is totally banned. Use proper keyword phrase where it is require.

Spun Content-Once the content published doesn’t try to write again, means if the information is already exist online do not create the same information as it is. We need to create unique content and place it on a single place not in many different places.

Grammatical Errors-Grammatical and punctuation errors can heart the reputation of author and organization as well. We need to create full flashed proper information and without any grammatical issues.

Wordy Content -Write information, to the point no need to create misconception by using so many phrases to convey the same information.

Avoid Too Much Guest Blogging - Now Days guest blogging is the great mechanism to build back links and to establish good relationship with audience, but according to Google Engineer and spam team head (Matt Cutts), too much guest blogging would treat as spamming told, in a video. People can publish one blog post at most 5 places not more than this. If people can publish one blog at various places and put massive links on it, it will consider as spamming and it will heart SERPs.

For reference purpose watch this video:

Avoid aggressive link building Strategy-Massive link building strategy is probably prohibited. Lots of links with the same anchor text and same URL will consider as spamming. Most of the people use directory/bookmarking strategy to create back links, and try to build 50 to 100 back links in a single day, which is not right method now days. Few and quality back links sound more worth in compare to 100 directory backlinks.

Don’t Enter Comments Yourself-Blog publishing and sharing is the great mechanism but the comments writing by you for your own blog, not good, because IP automatically share with the search engines and it would not benefit to website or blog.

Avoid Linking in Network Sites-If you are doing business and having more than 100+ domains with you, and you create back links using these network sites, it would not be the good idea. Try to get back links form other IPs, which might help you to get better results. 

Quick SEO Tips
Citation Much as Possible-Citation is the right choice of the webmasters now days because these always convey the right and correct information to the ultimate consumers and audience who really need it. It is just like the yellow pages. In citation, the business information mentioned at the other websites. Google uses them to evaluate the authority of domains.

One Article One Place-Greedy webmasters try to publish same article at various places to earn maximum number of back links, but they don’t try to understand it is just plagiarism nothing else and cause of this heart of ranking. If we can publish one article at only single place or we can say one quality post on one quality website, it would be more valuable.

Keep balanced link distribution for home page and all internal pages-To stay balance in the ranking pages, it is essential to create back links in the balance form, we should try to create links for the pages (home and internal) equality, keeping in mind.

Real Human Accounts-People believe on the real social accounts, if the social accounts are real and human specific, it would engage consumers and service providers efficiently.  But if the accounts are business oriented or business name specific, it would not able to engage peoples more.

Proper Feedback on Comments-To get juice for your website health, you need to create few back links using comments whether it is blog comment or form any other sources. If you are commenting or replying to someone blog, it is very essential to understand their blog information and their motive. Don’t write single word such as “awesome, very good, keep it up, wonderful” these words seems the negative impact on the owner, try to write at least a single line after reading it properly. 

Example: “I think your idea can really influence the business and might help to drive traffic as well.” Thank you so much to share such a great stuff.” 

Info graphic based Blogging-As we know the graphical and visual information can clear the complex information more easily in compare to the textual information. We should try to include some pictures and figures to convey the information easily into the blogs.

Create News links & Press Releases-Create back links using PRs and earn great exposure for the business.

Optimize web page ideally- Website should be SEO friendly that means the initial on page information should be perfect, such as Meta tags, headings, descriptions, images. The website should also verify through webmaster tools and implement analytics code to track the performance of the website.

Add Video and Optimize-A single video can send the whole information to the target audience, which you want to convey them; it is more reliable and simplest mechanism to get exposure by just uploading official videos and events. It is the best way to show strength to them.

Panda & Penguin Proof Website-Google making changes in their existing algorithm more frequently, we need to update our self, just keep watching on their updates and make changes in your strategies. Update yourself and do same with your team members and be the panda and penguin.

Stop Directory & Bookmarking- No longer Available-Create back links with the help of articles and blogging; don’t use the directories and bookmarking spamming websites. If some websites which having the page rank 5 or 6 and the status is also ok then you can create links otherwise avoid them.

Prefer one blog one back link Strategy-Create one back link from the single blog; don’t try to bother for more links. Just place a proper anchor text and link it to the target URL and place it the second paragraph in your blog.  

Create Docs & PPTs to Share-UX is more important than our back links, keep audience happy and provide institutive information them and get extra bonus points from the search engines. We should try to share some meaningful information in the form of docs and PPTs.

Thematic link building strategy-Back link creation is good, but the thematic link building strategy is more valuable. For example if we have a real estate thematic website, we should try to get back links from the real estate based sources only not from other sources.

Syndicate your content-As we know Content creation and publication is very important but one more important thing skipping from the steps that is syndication of content. We should try to share our information with groups and community places.

Create Trust & Engagement-Trust is only the thing that can help us to drive more customers in our way. Trust and engagement are equally important to grow the business. We should try to build a proper and solid relationship with our followers and community circles. Never cheat them and always share positive thoughts and opinions and never forgot to get their views as well.

Don’t Create Dynamic Content - Google Spam team head Matt Cutts, announced his team is going to take action against the websites which are creating zero value experience to users. Sometimes users are looking for content but they never find out information as their desired way at pages and will have to go back in different page which will create negative impression. So now dynamic URL and auto generated content would never allow. So try to use static URLs to develop websites.

Create Great Content that People Want To......

  1. Read
  2. Download
  3. Share
  4. Comment on
  5. Cite
  6. Influencers want to share 
  7. Link to
  8. Create great content consistently &Optimize for people not for search engines
Not just will look visibility enhance by accompanying the steps above, however for all intents and purpose each other Internet showcasing metric will enhance too.

Variation Required in Anchor Text 
In Brand Name- Example:  Google, Google Inc., Google Inc. USA
Naked URLs-Variation require to the destination page: http://www.abc.com, www.abc.com/news, www.abc.com/games
Brand + Keyword-Example: ABC Search engine, ABC Search engine services

Landing Page Optimization Tips

The complete SEO Success in 2014 will come true when keeping user experience in mind.


  1. Thank you, this was a great article. this gives me a good outline to educate on how do SEO in coming years, these strategies can really help to achieve our goal.

  2. This was a great article. this gives me a good outline to
    educate on how do SEO in coming years, these strategies can really help to
    achieve our goal.

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